Gamepad support added to Paratopic!

Hello friends! 

First off - our enourmous gratitude for the kind words and support shown to us after releasing Paratopic. We couldn't be happier with how the game has been received so far.

Secondly - after much request, we've just uploaded a new patch for Paratopic to add controller support. In theory, the plugin we're using should work on just about every gamepad, we've only tested it on what we have to hand - Xbox 360, Xbox One & PS4 pads. If you don't have one of those three you should still be fine, but send us an email if you run into any trouble. 

Since a few of you have asked, we are currently working on Mac + Linux support. There's a few snags in dealing with performance issues that are taking a little longer than hoped, but we should have it good to go live in a day or two. Watch this space!

- Jess, Doc & Beau.

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