Paratopic: Definitive Cut + Linux + Steam coming September 6th

Hello friends!

Since we released Paratopic in March, we have been completely taken aback by the positive response. Originally intended to be a little experiment to get some thoughts and ideas down on paper, to do a few things that had been sitting down at the back of our minds for a good while, we had no expectation that it would be as well received as it was.

Rather than move on straight away, we’ve taken a bit of extra time to make some adjustments based upon feedback, to aspects we weren’t that happy with and to add some extra content that we didn’t have the time to create initially.

Arbitrary Metric (that's us) is thus happy to announce that Paratopic: Definitive Cut will be launching on September 6!

There’s going to be Linux support as well, and Paratopic is also coming to Steam. This update will be available to all existing customers, and we’ll be sending out complimentary Steam keys to all our customers!

We have one favour to ask though. Steam is very heavily driven by algorithm nowadays, and whether the store actually shows people our game is highly dependent on how many folk add us to their wishlist prior to release. If you could take a minute or two to add us to your wishlist, then that would be immensely appreciated!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us kind words, support and promoted the game and otherwise just enjoyed Paratopic

- Jess, Doc & Beau <3

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Your Linux build only includes a 32-bit (x86) build, so I can't play it!  Can you provide an x86_64 (64-bit) build?

I should be able to! Let me sort out a build & throw it at a tester tomorrow to make sure that nothing breaks and I'll get back to you when it's live :D

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Does buying this using give me the 64bit linux version (if there's indeed one)? Thanks!  (I think Linux distros are to the point where distributing 32bit apps is a hassle for more users than those few that still run 32bit hardware)  


This is great to hear! Paratopic was an excellent experience, and I'm looking forward to more! 


Thank you!


I just want to be certain, is the Linux version coming to DRM free ?


Yes! No DRM in any of the itch builds.


Count me in for a purchase then when the Linux version hits !